Richard Atweecke  P-968
B: 1545 ENG
D: Nov 1592 ENG
Robert Weckes   P-960
B: 1590 Eng          
D: 1638 Eng

Florence Bicknell  P-969
B: 1549 ENG
William Weeks     P-956
B: 1620 ENG
D: 3 Aug 1689 MA

Sarah Enderley   P-961
B: 1585 ENG

William Weeks   P-180
B: 1645 MA
D: 16 Feb 1716 MA

Nathan Lynde   P-972
B: 1565 ENG
D: 1595 ENG

Thomas Lynde  P-962
B: Jan 1594 ENG
D: 30 Dec 1671 MA

Elizabeth Lynde  P-973
B: 1570 ENG
Mary Lynde   P-957
B: 1629 ENG
D: 1693 MA


Mary Lynde    P-963
B: 1596 Eng
D: 1634

Benjamin Weeks   P-172
B: 4 Apr 1685 MA
D: Nov 1744 NC
John Robinson  P-976
B: 20 Mar 1551 ENG
D: 16 Jan 1616 ENG
John Robinson  P-964
B: 1575 ENG
D: 1 Mar 1625 Nethlerlands
Anne White    P-977
B: 1554 ENG
D: 6 May 1616 ENG
Isaac Robinson   P-958
B: 1610 Netherlands
D: 1704 MA
Alexander White  P-978
B: 1550 ENG
D: 6 May 1596 ENG
Bridget White  P-965
B: 10 Nov 1579 ENG
D: 28 Oct 1643 Netherlands
Eleanor Smith   P-979
B: 1546 ENG
D: 1599 ENG
Mercy Robinson  P-181
B: 4 Jul 1647 MA
D: 1740 MA

Jeffrey Hanford   P-966
B: 1564 ENG
D:  12 May 1626 ENG


Margaret Hanford  P-959
B: 1619 Eng
D: 13 Jun 1649 MA
Robert Hatherly   P-982
B: 28 Mar 1543 ENG
D: 1615 ENG
Eglin Hatherly   P-967
B: 1589 ENG
D: 1666 MA

Elinor Tanner    P-983
B: 1550 ENG
D: 1637 ENG
Look in the first column to find the first person in this tree. Click on name of ancestor to find information available for that person. At the last name in the last column, if I have names and info going further back, you may click on the arrow and it will link you to the next tree in their line of ancestors.