Henry O'Steen  P-142
B: 1700 NC
D: 1754 FL
Thomas O'Steen   P-138
B: 1725 NC          
D: 1794 GA

Margaret McCullough P-143
B: 1703 NC
William O'SteenRWS    P-136
B: 1750 NC
D: 1832 GA

Rachel Pritchard   P-139
B: 1729 NC

John A O'Steen   P-50
B: 1772 NC
D: 23 Jan 1842 SC


John H Davis  P-140
B: 1725 NC
D: 5 Dec 1793 NC

Elizabeth Davis   P-137
B: 1753 NC
D: 1820 GA


Elizabeth Lnu    P-141
B: 1737 VA
D: 2 Jun 1793 GA

Nancy O'Steen  P-39
B: 7 Dec 1796  SC
D: 23 Jun 1842 GA
Benjamin Weeks  P-172
B: 4 Apr 1685 MA
D: Nov 1744 NC
Theophilus Weeks  P-168
B: 1708 MA
D: 1772 NC
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Mary Chase    P-173
B: 17 Jan 1686 MA
D: Aug 1788 NC
Silas WeeksRWS    P-166
B  22 May 1737 NC
D: 22 May 1778 NC


Grace Green  P-169
B: 1715 MA
D: 1775 NC

Ada Weeks  P-51
B: 25 Oct 1765 NC
D: 1850 GA
William Hunter  P-176
B: 1650 ENG
D: 1729 NC
Nicholas Hunter   P-170
B: 1678 NC
D:  1749 NC
Ann Norseworthy P-177
B: 1662 ENG
D: 1751 NC
Zillar Hunter  P-167
B: 1737 NC
D: 1784 NC

Rebecca Boone   P-171
B: 1713 NC
D: 1785 VA

Look in the first column to find the first person in this tree. Click on name of ancestor to find information available for that person. At the last name in the last column, if I have names and info going further back, you may click on the arrow and it will link you to the next tree in their line of ancestors.
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