William Murphy      P-214
B: 1755 NC
D:1804 NC



Timothy Murphy      P-204
B: 1775 NC 
D: 1827 NC

Jacob Wells
B: 1680 SWI
D: 1756 NC

Jacob Wells   
B: 1698 SWI
D: 1806 NC

Elizabeth Wells     P-215
B: abt 1765


Mary Wright

 Susan Murphy  P-199
B: 1801 NC
D: 1869 Duplin, NC
Thomas Alderman     P-242
B: 9 Jun 1683 CT     
D: 15 Aug 1715 NJ
Daniel Alderman  P-230
B: 1711 NJ     
D: 1785 NC
Mary Seagrave         P-243
B: 1684 Bahamas
15 Aug 1715 NY
David Alderman RWS   P-220
B: 23 Oct 1749 NJ
D: 23 Oct 1831  GA
William Harris      P-244
B: 8 Oct 1693 NJ  
D: 2 Nov 1775 NJ
Abigail Harris      P-231
B: 26 Mar 1720 NJ
D: 1785 NC
Miriam Brooks    P-245
B: 16 Aug 1698 NJ
D: 13 Feb 1722 NJ
Mry Alderman   P-205
B: 29 Aug 1779 NC
D: 1827 NC
Lewis Hall          P-246
B: 1715 VA
D:1796 NC
Thomas Hall     P-232
B: 1735 NC
D: 1811 GA
Priscilla Colby      P-247
B: 1719 VA
D: 1758 NC
Jemima Hall    P-221
B: 1756 NC
D: 21 Mar 1832 GA
JOhn Goff    P-248
B: 1689 VA          
D: 1752 NC
Rachel Goff   P-233
B:1725 NC
D: 1832 NC
Mary           P-249
B: 1695
D: 1725
Look in the first column to find the first person in this tree. Click on name of ancestor to find information available for that person. At the last name in the last column, if I have names and info going further back, you may click on the arrow and it will link you to the next tree in their line of ancestors.